About Barberbos

BarBerBos brings you back to 1920—the golden era of barbershop.

We want you to experience that kind of era as you enter the barbershop. You can smell the scent, see the decorations, the barber chairs, and all of those ambiances that can take you back to that golden era. It is not just about haircut but also the feeling of getting manlier & respectable gentleman's look.

BarBerBos is a barbershop established in 2014 and located in Bandung, Indonesia.

The idea of BarBerBos is to make people feel and treated as a Boss. Our core value is to offer the best haircut and services. We value our customer reviews and feedback.

"The world is full of guys. Be a gentleman. Be a boss. Stay sharp!"

Why Us

We put hygiene and customer satisfaction as our top priorities. We provide you the best hair catalogs and don’t worry! Our barbers are well-trained. You can also get the best head and shoulder massage here. Each of our branches is designed differently to give the unique ambiance. Last but not least, we always innovate our services to meet the criteria of men's grooming

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